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Celebrating the Artists of Mother Divine

Emily Levin

Emily Levin

For her recording, Levin was named the Classical Recording Foundation's 2017 Young Artist of the Year. Something Borrowed explores the art of musical borrowing, through solo works inspired by literature, culture and music.  Recorded by GRAMMY-winning producer Adam Abeshouse, Levin's debut album includes Bach's 5th French Suite, the Tournier Sonatine, and a four-composer commission of Shel Silverstein character pieces.  Learn more about Emily and buy her CD here 

Ann Purcell - The Power of Transcendence

Ann Purcell

Her latest book is the Power of Transcendence. Through over fifty short articles, The Power of Transcendence explores a range of topics including health, education, the environment, women, creativity, relationships, and love, and shows how transcendence brings fulfillment to each area. Ms. Purcell also dives deeply into spiritual topics-yoga, enlightenment, silence, well-being, heaven, and God-as well as profound experiences of higher states of consciousness.

''Ann Purcell has given us a precise and profound pathway to unleashing the Absolute within. This beautiful inner world dwells within each of us, and here she reveals the key to its unfoldment." - Brenda Boozer, Mezzo Soprano Soloist with the Metropolitan Opera and international orchestras View all of Anne's Books


Through the Eyes of Priya Hardcover – 2018 by Carole Davey (Author), Debby Henning (Illustrator)

Carole Davey and  Debby Henning, Illustrator

This book tells the true story of Priya, a young mother cow whose life was unexpectedtly saved when she could no longer serve as a dairy cow. Told from Priya's point of view, this story is educational, meaningful, funny and real. This book give a gentle look into the world of cows in the hope that it will awaken compassion in the hearts of mothers and children world-wide and inspire them to help create a better life for our precious life-nourishing friends. Humane care for cows is vital for all life on this earth. Any profit from this book will go towards helping the lives of many cows and creating a more peaceful world.

"I love this book. I love the story and the illustrations. I want everyone to read this book! A very beautiful winner of a book for sure. I love it." ~David Lynch, Film Director and Author

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