Mother Divine

The Goddess within is an expression I see more and more in ads on television. Of course, on TV these ads are connected to inner beauty as reflected in outer beauty.

In India, there is the concept of Mother Divine. The term “Mother Divine” refers to universal, all-nourishing qualities of nature—bliss, intelligence, creativity, harmony—that exist within everyone and always promote life in the direction of peace and progress. The word ‘Divine’ is also associated with unboundedness, purity, and liberation—eternal liberation.

Many religious and cultural traditions have the concept of “Mother Divine” or the “Divine Feminine.” This value also reflects Mother Earth—symbolizing balance and healing, renewal and restoration.

It is wonderful to have the concept of an all-nourishing power of Mother Divine, but can we experience the “Goddess Within”?

The qualities of bliss, softness, intuition, fine feelings are within the deep silence of every woman. They are our essential nature. Every woman is born with these precious instincts and nourishing power as a natural part of our capacity to carry, give birth to, and sustain new life. If not protected, these tender instincts can be covered up or even vanish, especially if are exposed to excessive fatigue and stress. Losing access to our essential inner nature, life becomes a struggle full of fear, distrust, and anger.

Through the experience of pure silence within our inherent nature of “Mother Divine,” our spiritual reality begins to blossom empowering us to be stronger individuals without losing our refined, divine feminine, nourishing qualities.

How do we experience this silence? The Transcendental Meditation technique allows us to effortlessly and naturally dive to our inner depth of silence. As we settle down to these quiet levels of our mind our whole nervous system receives a deep rest allowing stress to be released. As a result, we feel more refreshed, renewed and able to be more connected to the quieter more nourishing level of our mind and heart, even while engaged in our daily activity.

Diving into the ocean of silence within is a luxury every woman should enjoy. She will be self-nourished thus giving her a greater ability to nourish her family and friends naturally.

During these somewhat chaotic times, we as women need to reconnect to the deepest part of our selves and draw upon that nourishing power to navigate through the many challenges that we may be facing. We should not get caught up in the outer negativity but embrace our inner sanctuary—our essential nature of Mother Divine.

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