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Manual for a Perfect Government: How to Harness the Laws of Nature to Bring Maximum Success to Governmental Administration

Manual for a Perfect Government: How to Harness the Laws of Nature to Bring Maximum Success to Governmental Administration

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Author: Ph.D. John Hagelin

Number Of Pages: 171

Publisher: Maharishi University of Management

Details: This book is about perfection in government, and the surprising ease with which it can be achieved. It shows how any government can enlist the support of natural law -- to solve acute social problems and bring unprecedented progress and prosperity to their nation.

In recent years, modern science has gained a deep understanding of the profound organizing principles through which nature governs the universe. These principles uphold order in all physical and biological systems, and support the life and evolution of innumerable species.

According to the latest scientific research, these same natural laws and profound organizing principles can be directly applied to human society, to alleviate social problems and raise government leadership to a whole new level. This application is through technologies and programs that harness specific laws of nature, and that bring the whole of national life into greater accord with natural law. Although the fundamental principles behind this book have been known for some years within the physical and biological sciences, researchers from these cutting edge fields have yet to translate these profound scientific principles into meaningful social policy.

As a consequence, political scientists and government leaders have been left on their own to devise social programs and government policies on the basis of what are essentially 19th century principles. This Manual takes the latest developments in our scientific knowledge, and translates this knowledge into practical social policy.

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